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Writer. Thinker. Storyteller.

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About Me

Welcome to my website!

Writing is my happy place. I began writing at a young age. It started as a hobby that later turned into a passion. I enjoy creating stories that capture imagination and life's compelling experiences that embrace family, friendships, and mystical fantasies with elements of unique possibilities. 


I tried the self-publishing route but needed more social media presence. Without a social media presence, no one knows you exist other than people who know you; lesson learned. Fast-forward now, and I am seeking a literary agent to become traditionally published. #amquerying


"Never give up on your dreams because they will become a reality."

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"My ideas for writing stories are like sitting by the water's edge, watching the water flow past me. It is forever lost if I don't capture the idea or moment."


- Margaretta Cooper

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"Writing transcends through different emotions and a work of art is formed."

- Margaretta Cooper

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